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Name: Taryn Pecos Rose
Sex: Female
Sire: GCh Carnasserie Lodestone of Taryn
Dam: Taryn Henryetta
YOB: 2012
Color: wheaten brindle

about this dog:
* A very typey wheaten brindle
* Smooth mover but hates the show ring
* Built along houndy lines

Pecos Rose

pedigree information:

GCh Carnasserie Lodestone of Taryn
Ch Lonnkyle Carnasserie Pieter Ch Lonnklyle Normandy Edelmar Akkord
Lonnkyle Jammin
Lonnkyle Ode Lonnkyle Jester
Windswept Galeforce Lonnkyle
Ch Carnasserie Cerridwen Ch Carnasserie Brynglas Phoenix Ch Carnasserie Jericho
Carnasserie Dove JC
Ch Caoimhe Briana Kavanagh O’Ros Ch Pitlochery’s Real Eagle
Ch Kellykerry Aine O’Ros of Eagle
Taryn Henryetta
Ch Taryn Prosper of Pern Ch Pern Prentiss Ch Pern Pendragon
Ch Pern Perseverance
Ch Taryn Gossamer of Aerie Ch Taryn Toby of Limerick SC
Ch R Noble Gobnat of Eagle
Ch Kerryarc Taryns Flemish Lace Ch Kerryarc Cartier of Eagle D Ch Xecel Fionnmae
Ch Pitlochry’s Carmen
Wolf Tone Flemish Beauty S N Ch Westmount Zaxen Borka
Wolf Tone Isabelle